I’m pleased to finally be able to say that I’ll be speaking at TestBash Essentials, at TestBash Brighton next year.

I’m honoured to be part of such an amazing lineup, in what is the best testing conference around.

Those teams working in an agile fashion will usually bring the tester in as early as possible in the development cycle — often during the planning stages — to find potential problems before they create work to fix. But checking for potential technical problems is only a small part of what the QA team can do in this stage.

The QA team has a wide scope to make the product as good as it can be. This allows the tester to use not just their technical knowledge, but their non-technical knowledge, in their quest for quality.

In this talk, we will be outlining those non technical disciplines that a tester has, from historian to lawyer, and even spy. Testers will come away from this talk full of ideas of questions to ask of their product, while other members of the team will come away with a greater understanding of the knowledge a good tester can bring to the table.

Items covered will include accessibility, data protection, misuse of a product, and being culturally sensitive.

It should be a great conference. And if you don’t fancy TestBash Essentials, there’s always the main conference day later in the day.

See you there?