It’s been five years since Steve Jobs was cruelly taken away from us.

In those five years, multiple biographies have been written, business books have been published promising the “Steve Jobs way”, and many anecdotes have been told from people who have been lucky enough to meet, or work with, the man.

Jobs has touched many of our lives; whether it’s through the phone we use or the way we listen to our music. But for me, he also touched my life by showing me what uncompromising looks like.

Like many, I still think about Jobs from time to time, and the things he gave the world. The technology he gave us is obvious, but it’s not what I’m the most thankful for.

What I am the most thankful for, is being shown that it’s ok to never be satisfied, and instead to think about every last detail. Because it’s the small stuff that makes the world a better place.